Getting Dressed in the 18th Century – Gentleman

We have just finished filming ‘Getting Dressed in the 18th Century – Gentleman’, for Lady Lever Art Gallery, National Museums of Liverpool. The film will be part of a new exhibition on costume and is a companion to the ‘Getting Dressed in the 18th Century’ film on a wealthy woman’s attire we made earlier.

The film is currently in post production and the music is being composed by Chris Gordon. 

Here is taster screen grab:

Philip Stevens (gentleman) and John Males (manservant).

and some behind the scenes pictures by Adam Fielding:

Nic Loven Directing with Pauline Loven (costume) in the background.
John Males buckling his masters shoes.
Philip Stevens as the gentleman. Costume by Pauline Loven

The location was South Ormsby Hall in the Lincolnshire Wolds, and it was blowing quite a blizzard the day we filmed. However, we were fortunate to reach the hall on time and for all the crew to reach home again before the roads became blocked.

Directed by Nic Loven, cast: Philip Stevens (Gentleman) and John Males (manservant), costume: Pauline Loven, production assistant: Adam Fielding, dresser: Kelly Clark.