Getting Dressed in WW1 – British Soldier

How a British WW1 soldier in the Artists Rifles dressed.

Director/Cinematographer: Nic Loven 

Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven

Soldier: Reece Ackerman

Music from ‘Tell Them of Us’ composed and recorded by Chris Gordon

Voice-over: Liv Free

Make-up: Liv Free

The knitters: Katy-Jayne Lintott, Joanne Winwood, Sandra Gibbons, Freyalyn Close and Jackie Soans.

British Officer – Ross Stephenson

Artists Rifles Soldier – Ben Atkinson

Soldier – Adam Fox

Highlander – John Devlin

Highlander – Tom Greenshields

German soldiers – Luke Harrington, Blake Borland, Gavin Baker, Liam Kernagan, Michael Massmore, David McCabe, Kevin Gray, Josh Curran

Thanks to: Scott and Joanne Read for the loan of the Bell Tent