Breaking Down Fabrics

Breaking down fabrics, or artificially ageing them, is often part and parcel of creating costume for film or theatre. I recently created Anglo-Saxon clothing for a short film, made by Urban Apache Films, which needed to be bloodied and muddied as though straight after battle. However, I wanted to retain the integrity of the costume… Read more »


Mona Lisa

Recently I reproduced Mona Lisa’s clothing for a film by Gardener Creatives for Italian television. The gown was worn by a descendant of Mona Lisa (pictured). I had previously made all the layers of Mona Lisa’s clothing – see ‘Undressing Mona Lisa‘, but this time I was to reproduce her outer gown with the embroidery…. Read more »


Georgian Dress

A few of my hand-made replica 18th century silk gowns, petticoats and stays photographed in and around the beautiful Assembly Rooms in Lincoln.


Period Drama

In addition to the obvious attention to the historic period, costume design can be a much influenced by the character and appearance of an actress as the role she is to play.

Kate in stays and linen shift

Eighteenth Century Dressing

This short museum film on the layers of 18th century dress was commissioned by The Lady Lever Art Gallery and made by Crow’s Eye Productions, directed and filmed by Nick Loven.


1930’s Ladies Suit

A 1930’s linen suit and silk blouse made for Grace Crowder (played by Victoria Rigby) for Crow’s Eye Productions’, drama-documentary ‘William’s Story’.

1930's 2

WW1 ‘William’s Story’

We have just completed a WW1 drama documentary ‘William’s Story’ which included a flash-forward to the 1930’s and gave me the opportunity to make some lovely 1930’s children’s clothes.


King John

The award-winning film Empty Throne was a commission for new arts and culture website 1215today.com/. The film was directed by Phil Stevens and made by Lincoln School of Film and Media. It was created as the centre piece for the website’s launch event at Lincoln Castle, the film is designed to give a tonal glimpse into some of the themes and events that lead to the sealing of the Magna Carta by King John.

Screen Grab. Will Crowder (C) Nick Loven

‘Bringing Blighty to the Soldier’

During the First World War women supplemented the basic military uniform by knitting for the men on the front line. These knitted items gradually became known as ‘comforts’. Perhaps it was as much the love with which they were knitted as the warmth they offered which comforted the men, even when they never knew who knitted them. It was like touching home.

Harlaxton 2 2015-04-03 075

Five Specs Productions

The award-winning student film, The Fantastic’ was set in the 20’s. A combination of vintage clothes and modern reproductions were used – I even made a couple of silk dresses especially for the film!

  • Women's Land Army uniforms made by Pauline Loven

    Women’s Land Army Breeches

    An account of the research into recreating a pair of Women’s Land Army breeches. The Museum of Lincolnshire Life has a small costume collection, which is accessible by appointment, which holds at least one pair of Women’s Land Army breeches and a pair of overalls.

  • Tiffany Haynes as Rose

    Croquet and Crinolines

    ‘Roses’, a pastiche on the 1980’s cult film ‘Heathers’ was set in the early 1860’s. My principal reference was the croquet paintings by the American artist Winslow Homer. There is even a suggestion from these paintings that the women had indeed colour-coded their dress to the ball they were playing.

  • American Gothic. Costumes, Pauline Loven

    American Gothic

    The most iconic of all American paintings,  American Gothic, was the inspiration for another of our short painting/technology inspired video sketches. American Gothic was painted by Iowan artist Grant Wood in 1930. The painting was inspired by an actual house in Eldon, Iowa which was white painted and built in the ‘Carpenter Gothic’ style of… Read more »

  • Mona Lisa, costume Pauline Loven

    Undressing Mona Lisa

    Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of Mona Lisa is magnificently enigmatic. Even her clothing veils her in mystery. In order to recreate her clothes I had to peel back the layers; swathes of dark silk mask the details of her dress giving only hints of the garments that lie beneath.

  • Edwardian sailor dress - made by Pauline Loven from a photograph.

    Recreating an Edwardian Photograph

    In 2011, we created a museum film about the history of four Lincolnshire windmills. As part of the film we recreated the family photograph of the miller and his family.

  • The Luttrell Psalter film. Costumes by Pauline Loven

    Luttrell Psalter Film

    The making of early 14th century clothing based on the images in the Luttrell Psalter for the film of the same name.

  • 18th c. Stays


    The 18th century is probably my favourite period of dress. I always begin any period of dress with the foundation garments as they dictate the fashionable period shape – and 18th c. stays are beautiful!

  • Samuel Pepys - costume Pauline Loven

    Samuel Pepys

    in 2012, we recreated the portrait of the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, by John Hayls, for a short, comic sketch.

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring, costume Pauline Loven

    The Girl with the Pearl Earring

    ‘Recreating Johannes Vermeer’s iconic and enigmatic painting Girl with a Pearl Earring was an irresistible temptation. In fact I had been considering this for some time and had already collected a number of yellow and blue silks that were tucked away safely somewhere in my textiles stash’.

  • Eleanor Glanville - The Lady of the Butterflies. Costume Pauline Loven

    Lady of the Butterflies

    We recently filmed a few short sequences from the life of Lady Eleanor Glanville (c.1654–1709). Eleanor’s story has just been made into a novel by Fiona Mountain, Lady of the Butterflies. The shoot was for a book trailer and also formed part of an actor showreel for Tiffany Haynes.