Welcome to Pauline Loven’s costume blog.

Pauline Loven is a costume historian, costumier and heritage film producer. She has 30 years of experience in period costume-making and 10 years of experience in design and making of costumes for film.  Recreating period clothing is a labour of love; each outfit can take many weeks to recreate and needs to take into account the unforgiving eye of the High Definition camera at all times! Pauline is also a published historian and illustrator, a former university lecturer and a member of The Costume Society.

Pauline (above right supervising costume on set) creates costume for, and runs the wardrobe department of, Crow’s Eye Productions.

Nic Loven, photograph Liv Free

Crow’s Eye Productions is an independent film company established by Nic Loven (left), a film-maker who brings a unique eye to her work, from documentary and wildlife films to period dramas and music videos.  Nic has many years’ experience in historical drama, museum and instructional films, advertising and wildlife film and photography. Nic has worked with the BBC Natural History Unit and on Springwatch.Originality and high production values are the hallmark of Crow’s Eye Productions’ output.  The “Getting Dressed..” series of videos (available on the Crow’s Eye Productions YouTube Channel) explores how people dressed in the past, giving historical context. These have been enormously popular, with viewing figures in the millions.