Welcome to Pauline Loven’s costume blog.

Pauline Loven is a costume historian, costumier and heritage film producer. She has 30 years of experience in period costume-making and 10 years of experience in design and making of costumes for film. Pauline runs her wardrobe department principally for Crow’s Eye Productions.

Recreating period clothing is a labour of love; each outfit can take many weeks to recreate and needs to take into account the unforgiving eye of the High Definition camera at all times! Pauline is also a published historian and illustrator and the project manager for WAG Screen community film making group.



Crow’s Eye Productions have just made a film set in Lincolnshire during the First World War; ‘Tell Them of Us’  (Pauline pictured above doing a final costume check on location).

Crow’s Eye Productions is an independent film company led by Nick Loven, a photographer and film-maker who brings a unique eye to his work, from documentary and wildlife films to period dramas and music videos.  Nick has 10 years’ experience in historical dramas, museum and instructional films, advertising and wildlife film and photography. Nick has worked with the BBC Natural History unit (including Springwatch).

Nick and camera small

Nick Loven and camera on location filming ‘Tell Them of Us’

Originality and high production values are the hallmark of Crow’s Eye Productions’ output.

For more on the film-making contact Crow’s Eye Productions to discuss any of the following:Feature length and short Films.

  • Feature length and short Films
  • Drama-documentaries
  • Costume drama
  • Museum films
  • Dramatised re-enactments
  • Music Videos
  • Instructional and Educational Films
  • Wildlife Film and Photography
  • Culture and Tourism Videos and Photography
  • Adverts
  • Book Trailers
  • Book Cover Photography
  • Actor Showreels

Nick Loven is also available as a freelance camera operator, with or without a camera. He is based in the South West of England.