Crow’s Eye wardrobe department has costumed a number of short and museum films and television programmes. Here are some of our recent productions (including short sketches and trailers for longer productions):

Tell Them of Us, WWI film trailer

 Eleanor Glanville; Lady of the Butterflies and a Rebel Heiress!

Eleanor Glanville’s story has been made into a novel by Fiona Mountain, initially called  Lady of the Butterflies the book has been renamed for the American market as ‘The Rebel Heiress’. Here is the finished book trailer:


Girl with a Pearl Earring 0.36 (Crow’s Eye Productions)



 Mona Lisa 0.36 (Crow’s Eye Productions)


The Luttrell Psalter Film 1.53 (Crow’s Eye Productions and WAG Screen community group)


The Lady of Shalott 0.29 (Crow’s Eye Productions and WAG Screen community group)

 Life on Church Farm

Life on Church Farm is a short film made for a small farmhouse museum.


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